Thursday, October 1, 2009

AFRIKA DAY 1: The Travel

Day 1: 9/27
The flight experience in short goes a lil something like this....ok i left on the 26th as i woke up at 7am in the morning to get to LGA
for a flight to ATL-On the longest line for security check in i meet a missionary from TX and a tall beautiful NURSE from NY named sunshine
who told me about her experiences visiting AFRIKA and putting me on to how brown skin women are looked upon funny by darker skinned women in the parts of AFRIKA she has visited on numerous occasions-The convo lasted till i reached my gate-and midway to my flight i met a woman that remembered me from a speaking event i did in ATL and she gave me some kudos and i went onto my flight where i rested like a baby and opened my eyes to the wheels touching the ground in ATLANTA.
I take the train to baggage claim and went to the other side of the airport to check in with KLM for my first flight to Amsterdam-in route i bump into a crowd of people surrounding JOEL ORTIZ the rapper and noticed wow -that dude is taller than he appears on tv and more lean than just a chubby dude...
Okay finally to checkin-scanned my passport seen my buddy Marv and went to the gate where we would meet again at some point...Went to a Mexican food spot in the terminal ate what i normally would order from chipotle and ended up with something that tasted like a 5 year old made me
BOOM its flight time-finished up all my calls to family and loved ones-and took down my malaria meds and went to my aisle seat on the air bus that seats 600 people easy.
Comfortable and cozy i sit on the plane for about three of my eight hours and people are standing and stretching in the rows and it just happens that the guy seated in front of "ME" decides to get up and stretch-and with his arms raised high-upon exhale he drops back flat on his back head hitting the arm rest in his row! YIKES!
did i just see this shit??? where is Ashton Kutcher is what im thinking...Attendants run over to this guy yelling out is there a doc on board..
NOPE! there weren't any-however there was an alternative meds lady that looks like selena the singer and she rushes over to diagnose the guy-during that period all im thinking is this dude just fainted-please let it not be anything more than that..they brought the guy back with TLC and the emergency landing over the ATLANTIC was ruled out...
SO back to sleep i go after eating my veggie meal and i wake to the sounds of oooooo's from the illest turbulence drops ever....and i took it and said its just a light bump-
then the captain comes on and says -its just light bumps-wtf...i wanted to switch seat with him-grr...
Anyhooty-i slept for another three hours and stayed up the final hour awaiting a touch down at 7am in Amsterdam..
PERFECT!!! We arrived and its Day light-along with 45 degrees!!! the jet way felt like the back of western
turned my camera on at this point and walked forever thru 4 terminals to get to the proper gate for the connecting flight to Kilimanjaro-Tanzania then another flight to Dar Es Salaam
In that four hour window-i decided to catch up on mail via internet that cost 16 EUROS to be on for 30 minutes -and me and MArv had to share those minutes...this where i came up with the term "EARLATE" it was early in Amsterdam and LATE in NYC..grrrr
Sigh..this is where i found the Cigarette boxes with the cute lil notes on every packages saying SMOKING WILL KILL
ok-I board my flight after being x rayed in this teleport machine at my gate (o d security) and im off to tanzania-more white people was on this flight than black folk.i was like where are they going..and then it dawned on me after i spoke to a few...most were going to climb the mountain...and alot were going for the crater and the Serengeti
then we stopped there dropped off 90 percent of the white people -and picked up passengers headed to DAR es Salaam-where 85 percent were blacks...
Ok now for the 25 minute trip to the east coast of Tanzania- and we land-the jetway is loaded with Blackberry ads and as soon as i hit the terminal (see video blog for this scene)
BOOOOOM! a SCENT of Frankincense and KEEESH was in the air-lmao-yes KEESH...basil cheese and tomato mixed with frankincense....lawd have mercy
met the embassy folks went to Dar es salaam's 4 star hotel on the ocean called Sea Cliff and went straight to bed!

The end of that day!