Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Day is finally here!
I am excited and i am ready for what the world has to offer me-in return prepare to make my offerings of service and LOVE!
Please check in with me while i am away as i will give you some really cool updates about what is taking place out in the countries that i will visit.
When i return their are alot of events that and trips taking place that i would want you to take part in... like NOVEMBER 8th Royal Cocktail Ball..Starting at 6pm at a beautiful penthouse in the upper west side of manhattan..
you can buy your tickets ($35 ticket) via payapal just send it to email way enough of the promotion...
Im heading to Atlanta to connect to my flight(s) ahead to the first stop TANZANIA!

Friday, September 25, 2009

10 years in the making...

Clears Throat...

eeeh hmmmmmm..

SO the day has finally arrived-my last day in AMERICA...Not for good, but for good service.
I am really excited about my life dream to visit the mother land and do what i have dedicated my life to in the US over the past 9 years.
Excitement is an understatement as to what i am feeling right now. Also the biggest part of travel to the MOTHER LAND is that i will be celebrating
my 27th Born Day in Rwanda! It wont be a celebration im treating this as a commencement ceremony..
27 is a powerful number for me-It marks a decade of transformation-at 17 i made the conscious decision to live humble, observant, and dedicated to my path that i ideally wanted to create for my self.
As i look back into my rear view mirror i see as far back as a young man who got his GED to get out of High school early just so i can be a part of the world-i see the young man that decided to refine his crafty
talents and ability to effectively communicate his intentions into existence at a very young age and reposition the direction of it all to have an outcome that was a win-win-win for everyone...
i also look back at the creation of a Youth led movement out of the heart of my own body and into the home of my own house to cater to teens needs in the NYC area and formed Team Revolution.
The many ups and downs- lessons and scratches-mistakes and moments that had a blessing in disguise the entire time...Hospital visits for poor health and heart condition due to stress-and then the birth of my Princess Divyne
I can go on for a very long time about the accomplishments that mean alot to people like the awards,acknowledgments, services, deeds, deals, projects etc....
But what trumps all of that was the choice i made and my will to stick to my desires..I WILL FOREVER have accomplishments and create dope ideas and manifest is the offspring of my dedication and the LOVE and acknowledgments are just a side effect of this ambitious condition.
I love every single person that i have come in contact with along the way-the reasons-seasons and the life time folks..
I learned so much.. My new millennium plan of a 10 year dedication is coming to a halt pretty soon...In case yhou are wondering...
In 2000 i gave my self a 10 year plan and i decided to put my self thru my own life schooling where i designed what i needed to learn over the 10 years and i stuck to it..I didnt go to college because of this concept-and i don't regret it-and college is very tempting to this date-however i have proved alot to my self and im ready for the next chapter.
My journey to the mother land is the flag on my track waving telling me i have just one lap left...and i am in the lead..
I feel victorious-powerful-humbled-and Divine at this very moment and i look forward to the finish line of this chapter...On to the Victory lap...I EFFIN LOVE YOU!

(jumps off crate and slides it with foot-drops mic and walks stage left) lol

Monday, September 14, 2009

Love them

I recently visited a few high schools in DC on September 11th.
My experience at these schools shed the spotlight on a few reminders for me.

Our youth really need more lighthouses-more guiding lights. MORE point of references.NOW-like RIGHT NOW!

Its my responsibility to take my god giving gift of giving love-and use it to transform the lives of young people.
Please Do your part. Be Responsible-Be accountable and BE a MENTOR

This Clip made a difference for me....


Thursday, September 3, 2009