Friday, August 7, 2009

preview to sideliners..

It is AMAZING how as you grow as an individual and into your career or lifestyle how things around you take new form. I hear it all the time, read it in books and even see it in interviews with some of the most successful people. It is always AMAZINGLY refreshing to know as things affect you personally, you turn to your self and say "hey i guess its my turn"...i realize that going thru the motion of growth while watching your world transform is a beautiful rights of passage. The process is filled with so much emotion and so much unpredictable events that have very similar outcomes;whereas you are forced to practice different degrees of the same solution over and over again..Thats Practice!

Practice for something in the near future i would say. I take it as such because one day that practice will one day turn into habit,which will then form the character you will need have embedded in your demeanor to move forward with the work that you do or the path that you walk. People on the outside looking in may not be able to fathom this process because they have not gone thru this process. Instead they will look at it from face value and create an assumption of what it is your doing or going thru.AND it is FINE..

i used to be the one to always bring people to my side for the ride thru DOORs on this trail that i created for my self and always wondered why at some point people i would snatch up would always be inspired and filled with empowerment-BUT they never had the same Value of what the experience brought forth..Ah HA...i figured it out-its because they werent there when i started this journey and or the stages that were filled with lessons and hardship to get me to a comfortable space to snatch someone up for the ride-so of course they would be appreciative of riding-but they would treat the journey the same.

I personally used to always always give people a chance at what was being offered to me for my lifes work,lifes choices and lifes karma..People loved it, and in due time most would falter at some point-having me look at my self like "NEVER AGAIN" and look upon them as i no longer can blame anyone but my self, in fact over the past few months i figured out the system to avoid all of this stuff. I had a late breakfast with a really great friend of mine and she sparked something for me-an epiphany actually and i was brought into a space for about 5 minutes that i never ever wanted to disappear..a feeling of certainty about how effective my system is...

Stay tuned....

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