Friday, June 19, 2009

Doctor Divine!


Be the change you want to see..The battle you fight outside of you for so long, may very well be the same battle you need to fight from within…Change is the most consistent thing in our universe…You cant expect to be the same and one day a new result will come forth..Unfortunatley, people close to you may feel as though when you are growing internally that you are suppose to remain the same…Change can set a new tone, different vibration, new experiences..listen….DO NOT dim YOUR LIGHT…FOR NO can not make everyone happy-but please please don’t lose site on your own happiness-LIFE IS SHORTER than you think…


I have recently been diagnosed by a Divine force to have “GOHARDERNITUS” it’s a very rare form of LOVE for self…The symptoms consists of having an allergic reaction to Mediocrity, Small thinking, Negative energy, ass backwardnism and counter productive thinking..

The Divine Doctor suggested a new Rehabilitated program and a soul diet with a strict regiment. This is a taste of my new medicine….Why wait for my book when you can have it now…

Daily Routine: To maintain a perfectly balanced day 

*Refrain from Draining conversations and activities that clearly are counter productive. (NOTE: When you argue with a fool, the only thing you will prove is that there are now two fools)

*Be Selfish in your Selflessness (When you do for others-do it because YOU want to do it, don’t do it to prove a point to someone else or to one day use the deed as a reminder that you did a great deed. If your heart isn’t in it and it doesn’t essentially feed your soul naturally-do NOT do it)

*PUT YOUR SELF FIRST (Save yourself before you save others, you will be in a greater position to be effective. The worst feeling is going out of your way and putting yourself on the back burner for someone else and that person critiquing you for your poor efforts-If you strongly believe in doing things together as a team, then make sure you and whomever are putting in equal shares of efforts to get the same result….One hand washes the other when they are dirty with the same substance…a salted hand shouldn’t wash a wounded hand.)

*PUMP OUT ABUNDANCE (Give it all you got…Push yourself to the limits…self exploration is at its best when you do things feeling like it is 1,000,000 percent…It is a high standard to give but why not? What are we here for? Go innnnnn-You will be surprised what you have buried inside of you-the more you give of yourself-the more you see the things given to you)

*ACCEPT ALL CHALLENGES FACE TO FACE (Never Back Down-The best lessons come from the greatest tests-The gifts are always hidden in the grief baby! DO NOT Pussy out and let it defeat you-You cant lose)

*KEEP YOUR SELF SURROUNDED with your future (to be continued……

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