Thursday, April 2, 2009

I love this tour!

There is nothing you can do about it.....

So Far touring around the country has been really fun and exciting. Each and every day i wake the mission repeats itself but witha little twist-"Inspire-Empower-SHINE"..It is the greatest feeling in the world to run inside a classroom, lecture hall, open space, street sideto speak to strangers with the most familiar essence..I look at their lips and listen to their eyes as i speak with my aura-and the level of communicationis so intense, its DIVINE (No Pun)
Each and every day i wake i think- i think of a better way of sparking folks into BEINg who they want to be in the future -RIGHT nowsOME may call it giving hope- i call it giving light..I am just as light..A lighthouse for those that are in motion but just need a signof reassurance that they are heading the right way-and a beam of light for those that need their paths lit and to represent that where i standthe sun will shine forever..To inspire people to stay on this path and generate their light for others to use as well...

It is important to me, no one is telling me to do this-i just love doing it..No one is sponsoring me to do this, i am making thsacrifices to do thisof course i am not understood by those i wish could understand, but its alright-that life and sometimes thats what it has to be until its fathomable for people.Until then i will shine hard, i will encourage those to do the same and burn my love thru all obstacles and represent for all that i can.I love people-i love to BE my change-and i love my light.
Join me -Ride with me...Visit BEItnow.ning.COM TO SUPPORT THE TOUR,make a small donationVisit my facebook cause page- Team Revolution Join-and also make a small contribution..
ONE LOVE"The best way to predict the future is to create it "Divine Bradley

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