Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So i went out to ATLANTA the other day and did a major Event with NIKE and i was the speaker. They showed me crazy love and it was a really empowering time...

I will send more details and pictures from the event...However, NIKE laced me with the most exclusive pair of kicks....i call'em the AIR OBAMA's...
Limited edition pair of air force ones..Celebrating 100 years of Black History and the NAACP..

that you cant buy in stores in fact-they arent even selling them anywhere.....ooooo weeee
Take a look at when i went to the NIKE store in LENOX mall in Atl and went to NIKE bar to get a custom Shirt to go with my Air Obama's..my Shirt came out FLY!!

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sophisticate said...

im sooo mad that you go to tblog about this before me i was just fixing to post it today ugh!