Saturday, January 10, 2009


I would like to share with you for those that dont know me as "ANDY"...Man o Man-i went to several schools growing up where i left my mark on the lives of the student body and of the faculty! In more ways than any one been to school with me knew i was OFF THE HOOK-Better yet I Was DISCONNECTED! -lol...
A mix between Ferris Bueller, Dennis the Menace, and throw in a lil bit of the biggest class clown you could think of...Students that are reading this blog-please understand that this is not a green light for you to start wilding out in class more than ever!-It was just my path in becoming who i am today...And ooooo was it an ill path...a lot of my buddies back then that shared the same path didnt make it to my destination in life, at some point i took a different direction than most and its unfortunate to see some of them locked up or in a poor circumstances due to the choices made years ago that they wouldn't think to see haunt them in the future....(Hold your heads)

This Blog is about me going back to one of schools JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 113 located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn...But this time i went back to speak to the younger me-in search for the younger me..I knew that when i was in school acting out, i didnt know that i was seeking a creative outlet for what i was dealing with a youngster-and school became that zone where i let it all out in every way possible...

Till i met Mrs EDWARDS! in a Bridge class i was put in after my 7th Grade year , where the adminastration told me i would have to repeat a second year of 7th grade due to my poor academics and behavior patterns...(One of the scariest feelings)-But Mrs Edwards was the very first Teacher i came in contact with that showed the love all teachers should show a student- a genuine connection to young people...she spent most of her time educating me about life and choices we make and how it affects our future...she also would spend most of her time speaking to me about my future and we spoke about it so much that every time i acted out she would remind me that what i was doing didnt add up to what i wanted in the future! Damn She was good!

She pushed all of us, and she begged me to do what i needed to do in that class. I told her i didnt desrve to be left back into a bridge class-And she replied "oh yea, well prove it to me and your self that you dont belong in here and show us where you belong!" THAT WAS IT!
THAT WAS IT!-In just a few months i did every thing i needed to get out of that class and before you knew it-i was in the 8th grade mid semester in time for me to graduate on time!!
Man i LOVE Mrs Edwards-and any one who was in that class with me- know she was the best...

So 10 years later i went back to the school to see mrs edwards and she was still in that class are some flicks!

MR BLOOM!!-Gym Teacher
Damn, he must have told me to sit on my floor spot
a million times more than he said hello to humans...

We were students there and she is staff now-Fly!

LEE-This dude was my ACE in school-Partner in crime
He was the nicest basket ball player back then..

Showing Teacher LOVE

Students art work!
My art work was on the walls but not on paper-but all over the walls!

This was the exact class room!

Mrs Edwards Looking on Proud!

Spoke to all the young boys in the school!
"yall can have this world!"

Showing Love to the principal Mr.Kirkland
He was a teacher in the school when i was there..

A message to all the teachers out there...Please be Connected to your students. Please understand that teaching is not a simple task-its an ART!
Our children are in class rooms with a lot of disconnected facilitators and i remember what i did to teachers i had that couldnt educate effectivly...
Its no bragging on my end but i made a few teachers quit there jobs mid lesson.
Our Babies need to be taught and taught right...

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