Saturday, January 10, 2009


Oh Do i have a Story to tell!
Once upon a time a few years back Divine gets a request to do a speaking engagement out in Germany for the Staples Corp about getting young people engaged in becoming social Entrepreneurs etc.....So i said YES of course and immateriality call my Dude LIVE
and asked him if he wanted to Roll with me to Europe and what you think he said?....INDEED..
So weeks go by and me and sir Wire leave NY on a fly Lufthansa Flight to the Germ..
On our way to Hamburg-we had to make a stop off in Munich to connect...So hours go by and we arrive!
TOUCH DOWN (Two Arms up)!
We then realize that we have an additional plane to catch in less than an hour and we gotta go through customs etc and security ....So we are rushing to get to our next flight and ripping the airport we go, and through customs , checkpoints etc...
We make it to our flight just in time-YES!..Board another Lufthansa Airline and off we go to HAMBURG baby! Me and live kicking it and the last time we flew (i think it was to sundance out in UTAH) we had a blast and we took pictures crazy videos met cool folks, and when we landed in NY the fun was killed cuz i left my damn cameras in my jacket that was left on a plane right before we got excited to get off the plane to celebrate Germany-i say "nah no celebrating till we check our pockets and our belongings....
I realize that in between customs and checkpoints security etc-i left my "EVERYTHING" in Munich!!!!! Wallet, Passport all that!
So i looked over at live had my moment...for like 20 seconds....and then I pressed the Phuckit Button-and shrugged my shoulders and we said the Adventure begins! I have no ID and NO MONEY..nothing! So we started .......

.....The Trip was awesome...make a long story short...We made enough money out there to take care of us-had a luxury car on the autobahn never missed a meal, went out every night, and had Euro's to take back to exchange....Now we go back to the airport and im thinking this is sweet-im just gonna go back to Munich and pick my things up from security and im good (i called and they had it)-went to my ticket counter in hamburg and they tell me-my flight isnt going back to MUNICH its going to Frankfurt!!!!!! But if i wanted them to change it -it would be 400 EUROS per person !!!!!!! lmao....there goes all the cash we were bringing back.....
The moral of the story....No sweat! Grace under Fire, be optimistic, LIVE IT UP-Take Risks-and live-MORE!!!oh and haste is waste!

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