Sunday, January 4, 2009

April -May 2008 in REVIEW

Los Angeles, CA - April 29, 2008 - Three bio-diesel buses transporting more than 150 activists, otherwise known as The Dirty Hands Caravan, departed the grounds of the Coachella Festival in Indio, CA at approximately 2:30PM PST on Monday, April 28. The buses will travel 1800 miles stopping in numerous cities over the next week until they reach New Orleans on Friday, May 2nd. The caravan, which was entirely conceived and organized over the past two weeks, is the coming together of individuals encouraged to “get involved” in any way they feel compelled, whether its by cleaning up parks or neighborhoods, caring for the sick or needy, or speaking out on behalf of issues such as immigration reform. The project is the brainchild of Sean Penn, who yesterday appeared on the festival mainstage inviting the audience to spontaneously join the caravan. Minutes after his speech, dozens of concert goers signed up for the week long mission.

Divine Bradley-Dirty Hands Caravan Tour 1 from divine on Vimeo.
Part two

Dirty Hands Caravan Tour 2 from divine on Vimeo.

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