Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where to go?

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you ask your self-
"Which way should i go next"?

We all come to that fork in the road from time to time- some of us more frequently than others.
What i realize is this-We tend to lose sight of our overall purpose or destination along route. Some of us start our journeys without really having a set destination.
I find that many people get so caught up in the motion of just being busy and moving so fast doing so much and find them selves in the same spot they started out at!
Can you relate?
I know-I know its not the best place to be in..
but what ya gonna do ay?
Your gonna create a destination for your self-that is the only way out.
Step 1:
Create the destination that you want to go to in your mind
Step 2:
Figure out all the things you need to have with you arrive
Step 3:
Think about the things you would need to get there successfull
Step 4:
Look at where you are currently located
Step 5:
Look at what is between your current location and destination
Step 6:
Figure out the best methods to get through some of the things along the way
Step 7:
Create your map
Step 8:
Make sure to have multiple ways on getting to your destination from your location
Step 9:
Look at the people, things, habits, and skills you posses and see if you need to bring them
Step 10:
The journey to a thousand miles begins with the first step!

Hey there is a very important jewel hidden in the scene below, that speaks on the point i just made. "When your not sure where you wanna go next" always remember that any road will take you there.

Be Prepared

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