Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where is "The HOME GIRL"?

Where is the "Home Girl"?
Is the "HOME GIRL" the new dinosaur?
For years the Home Girl was someone you can find any and everywhere inside school or just around the way. As adult hood arrived for me and being in a very loooooooooong committed relationship, the "Home Girl" became a thing of the past. I use to love checking up on my "home girls" or calling up my home girls to catch up on news and current events going on in places i knew i shouldnt have my nose-but the home girl was always there and never late!
I missed being known for having mad home girls...people use to say damn, son got mad homegirls! lol-really i use to have mad home girls.

The definition of a home girl was someone you could trust for the most part and spend real quality time with. Someone who looked out for you and had your back for the most part. She was always there and always kept it funky with you in person and or over the phone.
I use to crack crazy jokes and do bugged out things with my homegirls and sometimes been the voice of reason for them when they needed a male's opinion on something.
I sure nuff relied on my homegirls for a lot of pep talk, such as relationship stuff, fashion choices, or even asked them to pretend to be my shorty when we went out to special places to avoid predetors or to just rock close for show at a fly event or resteraunt.

Man! I miss having madd homegirls...I have some now, but it aint the same anymore..cuz its like a taboo to just have female friends if your a male and your single, cuz then brothers gonna think your slow macking, sisters gonna think your a player, and both are gonna think your gay if your just hanging around a bunch of wowmen and your not intimate with them...geesh. And on the flip side if your in a relationship and you have homegirls brothers around you gonna hang on your coat tail waiting to strike cuz they know you wont and they just want the pass and sisters will think your messing around on them with all the extra women yu have around.grrrr

I do admit not everyone can endure having a homegirl especially when she is fabulous and single.
However if you know like i know, and love the company of a woman in your life that is not trying to get with you, and all she wants is a friendship and a great time-then you know its something special in that bond. Brothers, there is more to a woman than just "getting with them" -like the beauty is really right past that wall..and sisters, you may not be use to having men around that are straight and just want your company due to the 99% of the men you been around..but its possible. Go head and ask one of my homegirls-see what they say!...
A dedication -To all my homegirls!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Ladydee...When you are an adult and you are attractive..that homeboy/homegirl mess don't exist. You can be cool with the opposite sex but "spending quality time"...please. You looking to get your rocks off and lock something down! Maybe when you are 14 but not in your twenties!

The Social Mogul said...

sounds very personal.