Monday, December 8, 2008

What i want is..

Hey Family!
I was inspired by a fellow blogger to create a holiday wish list!
The holiday time for me is a special time because it puts a lot of folks
in a different space of joy and giving and preparation for the new year.
It bugs me out how so many would think that with all the giving i do-
that i would receive a whole lot from folks..
well its not true!
I receive my blessings and gifts that are priceless all year round
No one gift can replace what is given-because i am so happy people may think
what else could Divine want or even need, he has so much to give...
So i say all of this to say....
if you were thinking about giving me anything-this is what i want..
  1. Something that will help me stay organized
  2. Something that would keep me focused on what you think i should focus on
  3. Something that will essentially make me the better version of my present self
  4. Something that only you can give me
  5. Something that will not be wasted ever
  6. Something that i can give to someone else
  7. Something that make a major impact in my lifes work
  8. Some thing that will make living so much effective
  9. Something that reminds you of me
  10. Something that can not be returned
There you have it!
My holiday wish list!

PS.check out


Pay it Forward

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