Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Social Mogul-Divine Bradley

What does it mean to be The Social Mogul?

Okay this is where it all starts for me...
For years I have ran with the title “Social Entrepreneur” because this new term for me seems to fit all the folks that care about their communities and just so happen to be the leaders of their own non profits or NGO’s. So, I adopted the title like everybody else and ran with it. Bill Drayton was named by US News & World Report as one of America's 25 Best Leaders in 2005. He is credited with having coined the phrase "social entrepreneur", although it was said to have been in use in 1972 (J Banks, The Sociology of Social Movements, London, MacMillan, 1972.) As if who came up with it really matters, let those guys hammer it out for the credit.lol

So being the kind of guy that I am, I just don’t sit to well with being called what everyone else is being called, especially when I don’t want to feel boxed in and defined as just being a social entrepreneur-I think that what I do and the lifestyle I have is more of a young social mogul..YES! My speed! My Fit! It has a better flow than so-cial-en-tre-pre-neur. SOCIAL MOGUL just has great phonetic s Ay! Plus it leaves room for all the things that I am doing outside of just being an entrepreneur.

My goal is to inspire people to be social moguls as well. It seems to be a taboo to mix “social” or “good” work with any form of “business” or “entrepreneurship”. Those darn deceivers of good/no gooders messed it up for folks who want to make a LIVING-GIVING..well I am here to bring back the faith in folks that have great hearts and are making a living off of manifesting their hearts work. It is clear, if Donald Trump is known for being this tycoon for the real estate empire he has created then I will do the same exact thing, only with community centers for young people across the country and soon the world..See same potential different destination.

I am proud and feel very powerful with the life I choose to live and it feels even better acknowledging this and having others do the same. I have to put the cool factor on the guys and gals like me. I want it to be the coolest thing to care and be socially accepted as a point of reference people can turn to and say “hey I want to be like this person, because it is equivalent to being a Michael Jordan or a Oprah Winfrey even a Donald Trump or a Bill Gates in society. Being a social Mogul will be the new thing- not a fad not a movement-just the new life style I feel people want to have but aren’t to sure if people will accept them as such.

Look I am the Social Mogul and I feel really good about being just that-Look up the word Mogul and see what I am talking about. Now, there is one important piece to this whole name changing thing-it comes with actually representing it all day every day. I don’t take this stuff light at all. So with all of this being said welcome-Divine Bradley “The Social Mogul”…
Get use to it.LOVE YOU!

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