Monday, December 29, 2008

Sisters have something to say!

Man i be feeling for women when they are harassed or disrespected publicly by blood thirsty men.
I was always taught by the Ol tymers- never ever cat call or chase after a woman publicly in a manner that is distasteful or disrespectful..Ever since i was a young shorty i couldnt really tell what was distasteful since i've seen so many brothers come at women in so many different ways-and the out come never seemed to be right in my opinion-so I just never hollered pubilcy..
Can you believe that? I have never in my life stopped a woman dead in the street to holler at her-lol i always thought that was soooooo corney..Really, i see other dudes do it and i say to my self, if this woman gives this dude her number she is burnt out..
its like the streets is one big game of catch and release fishing..and men be out side like hungry ass hunters. looking for a kill...i dont keep cats like that around me-if they do their numbers and they are checking for a sister, they know how to do it in the most peaceful and respectful manner...So even if they do get turned down-its never a turn off on both parties...

The thing that pisses me off and im always getting on young dudes about this is-Watching men actually extend there arm and hands out and grab women. YIKES!
My heart stops every time, its like im waiting for a slap or a can of pepper spray to come out (remember that? pepper spray) i bet some of these young women dont even know where to buy pepper spray from....the worst thing ever, is watching men do that, and then to see women get really uncomforatble as they "try" to ease there way out...

I want to create like a etiquette video for young brothers and sisters- to show what you are to do and not to do when seeing someone publicly that grabs your attention...(ANY VOLUNTEERS? im dead serious-we can make a few PSA's and You tube'em)
On the flip side, i know that there are so many women that feed into this type of attention and some brothers score big time-and it adds on to the push to do it again, since the last time he did it-it rewarded him...
Crazy, but not for me, and i dont teach that...
Brothers RESPECT your self first an foremost and then learn to respect women publicly.
Women! Im not excluding you-RESPECT YOUR SELF....You are what you attract!

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