Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Bye 2008


Don't i know you from somewhere?

If you are who i think you are-then you are in the right place-and truly at the best time!
I am not the best person at talking about the things i do or am about to do-but it just sounds great coming from me-lol The 2009 train is boarding!!!! And i am looking forward to the big ol party.. 2008 was pretty on Point and filled with a lot of accomplishments and monumental chapters.... If you missed it, then i will take the time to fill you in!
Be sure to check out my Web site Thesocialmogul.com for information dealing with the work i do as it relates to my speaking-special events-products-news and blogs associated with all that cool stuff. It is the domain for Divine Bradley-The Social Mogul. This blog is mainly for Divine Bradley the transparent human being that loves to share his light and love with those close to me and my lifestyle..
ok ok-so 2008....in a nutt shell
  • Spoke to hundreds of high school students across the united states while speaking on tour Sponsored by Youth Venture and Starbucks
  • Traveled across the united states again with Sean Penn on the Dirty Hands Caravan Tour where me and a crew made random stops in cities along the way to service communities in need of volunteer power-and we got our hands dirty for the love of humanity!
  • Launched the Divine Bradley Collection Brand to welcome the world into my experience as a social entrepreneur with my new lifestyle brand-20 Boutiques by JANUARY 1!
  • My Face and story graced hundreds of millions of Nacho Cheese Doritos bags WORLD WIDE letting more folks into my world of being a social Mogul (Get your Bag)
  • Established my new Marketing company BE IT LLC
  • Created a healthy eating Book-A-Zine Project with RODALE and POLO RALPH LAUREN for the Harlem community with my group of wonderful Interns! This Project was so fly-That President OBAMA grace us with his presence to be on the cover!
  • and much much more.. but i will stop here on 08

so NOW..
The good stuff.....
2009 aka 2000 shine aka 2000 grind aka 2000 mine aka 2000 Divine!!!!!!!!!!!

i will only share 3 out of the 9 things that will make 2009 a hit!

  1. BE IT LLC presents the PAVE YOUR LANE TOUR!!!!!
  • We are running across the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ON FOOT-well the youngest woman to ever do it is! Our PAVE your LANE tour will blaze thru cities between Boston and LA-and inspire young people to start paving their lanes and making a difference their lives and communities and We will give them small grants to do so!! Much Much more-if you are interested in any way....let me know
2. Team Revolution building community centers Nationwide
  • Searching for folks nation wide who want to to create Team Rev Powerhouses in their communities the way i did when i converted my home into a community center for youth...We are looking for go hard grinders that are willing to join the family and be a part of history!
3. Divine Bradley will introduce to this world "The Social Mogul"
  • Join me on the quest of making a living giving!

Enjoy the Blogs...

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