Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The gift that keeps giving!

What i love most...
is the ability to share what i know and bounce it off others for a few reasons. 1. I love to just pay it all forward, the information can be much more helpful for someone else if it is just sitting down inside my mind. 2. i may retrieve more insight and wisdom about what i am talking about with the person listening. 3. that is what i feel i am on this planet to do-Period!

Giving the gift that keeps giving-LOVE..I am addicted to "showing love". When i am on the road in cities i have never been to or countries or
towns etc, at the very end people ask me why do i show so much love. Information that can help someone live-more or give-more of themselves to the world is LOVE to them.
It dawned on me just recently that the number one thing i find my self doing more than 95% of the time-is giving of my self to others at no cost.
Helping others succeed and getting ahead, pushing folks past their own limitations that they cast upon themselves. It feels so damn good!
Some folks may not like the fact that i choose to be this way and i feel it. But that is how it will be for a very long

I wanted to send a very special shout out to all of the folks that believe in me, that stood by my side to see me get ahead, who trusted my judgment on the choices i made that were really risky, to all the people that listened and trusted me with their voice and their lives as i to listened. I want to assure you that i am not going anywhere and i will continue to love-give-touch-inspire-enlighten-move-empower-lift-push-apply- and pay forward. Happy Holidays!

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jinglin' baby said...

i think that love is the greatest gift God has given us. love surpasses all material things, and can make even the most destitute person feel great inside. keep doing what you do, Divine :)