Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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The Social Mogul-Divine Bradley

What does it mean to be The Social Mogul?

Okay this is where it all starts for me...
For years I have ran with the title “Social Entrepreneur” because this new term for me seems to fit all the folks that care about their communities and just so happen to be the leaders of their own non profits or NGO’s. So, I adopted the title like everybody else and ran with it. Bill Drayton was named by US News & World Report as one of America's 25 Best Leaders in 2005. He is credited with having coined the phrase "social entrepreneur", although it was said to have been in use in 1972 (J Banks, The Sociology of Social Movements, London, MacMillan, 1972.) As if who came up with it really matters, let those guys hammer it out for the credit.lol

So being the kind of guy that I am, I just don’t sit to well with being called what everyone else is being called, especially when I don’t want to feel boxed in and defined as just being a social entrepreneur-I think that what I do and the lifestyle I have is more of a young social mogul..YES! My speed! My Fit! It has a better flow than so-cial-en-tre-pre-neur. SOCIAL MOGUL just has great phonetic s Ay! Plus it leaves room for all the things that I am doing outside of just being an entrepreneur.

My goal is to inspire people to be social moguls as well. It seems to be a taboo to mix “social” or “good” work with any form of “business” or “entrepreneurship”. Those darn deceivers of good/no gooders messed it up for folks who want to make a LIVING-GIVING..well I am here to bring back the faith in folks that have great hearts and are making a living off of manifesting their hearts work. It is clear, if Donald Trump is known for being this tycoon for the real estate empire he has created then I will do the same exact thing, only with community centers for young people across the country and soon the world..See same potential different destination.

I am proud and feel very powerful with the life I choose to live and it feels even better acknowledging this and having others do the same. I have to put the cool factor on the guys and gals like me. I want it to be the coolest thing to care and be socially accepted as a point of reference people can turn to and say “hey I want to be like this person, because it is equivalent to being a Michael Jordan or a Oprah Winfrey even a Donald Trump or a Bill Gates in society. Being a social Mogul will be the new thing- not a fad not a movement-just the new life style I feel people want to have but aren’t to sure if people will accept them as such.

Look I am the Social Mogul and I feel really good about being just that-Look up the word Mogul and see what I am talking about. Now, there is one important piece to this whole name changing thing-it comes with actually representing it all day every day. I don’t take this stuff light at all. So with all of this being said welcome-Divine Bradley “The Social Mogul”…
Get use to it.LOVE YOU!

Monday, December 29, 2008

MR.GOlden Br!CK Award baby!

Brick Awards-Divine Bradley Golden Brick award winner from divine on Vimeo.


Divine Bradley on BIZ KIDZ from divine on Vimeo.

Never Before seen Footage! POLO Photo Shoot

Team Revolution-Divine Bradley POLO Photoshoot from divine on Vimeo.

My students from Team Revolution Created History with POLO Ralph Lauren!
Fashion Business School baby!
Ask me about it....

A Preview of whats to come-BROOKLYN!

Divine Bradley's Brooklyn Preview from divine on Vimeo.

Be on the look out ladies and gentlemen!

Speaking at NYU

nyu speaking from divine on Vimeo.

Throw Back HHP Performance

Ithica NEW YORK Performance some time ago

Throw Back HHP Footage

This song woulda been a HIT!-I dont know what happened to it...


Sisters have something to say!

Man i be feeling for women when they are harassed or disrespected publicly by blood thirsty men.
I was always taught by the Ol tymers- never ever cat call or chase after a woman publicly in a manner that is distasteful or disrespectful..Ever since i was a young shorty i couldnt really tell what was distasteful since i've seen so many brothers come at women in so many different ways-and the out come never seemed to be right in my opinion-so I just never hollered pubilcy..
Can you believe that? I have never in my life stopped a woman dead in the street to holler at her-lol i always thought that was soooooo corney..Really, i see other dudes do it and i say to my self, if this woman gives this dude her number she is burnt out..
its like the streets is one big game of catch and release fishing..and men be out side like hungry ass hunters. looking for a kill...i dont keep cats like that around me-if they do their numbers and they are checking for a sister, they know how to do it in the most peaceful and respectful manner...So even if they do get turned down-its never a turn off on both parties...

The thing that pisses me off and im always getting on young dudes about this is-Watching men actually extend there arm and hands out and grab women. YIKES!
My heart stops every time, its like im waiting for a slap or a can of pepper spray to come out (remember that? pepper spray) i bet some of these young women dont even know where to buy pepper spray from....the worst thing ever, is watching men do that, and then to see women get really uncomforatble as they "try" to ease there way out...

I want to create like a etiquette video for young brothers and sisters- to show what you are to do and not to do when seeing someone publicly that grabs your attention...(ANY VOLUNTEERS? im dead serious-we can make a few PSA's and You tube'em)
On the flip side, i know that there are so many women that feed into this type of attention and some brothers score big time-and it adds on to the push to do it again, since the last time he did it-it rewarded him...
Crazy, but not for me, and i dont teach that...
Brothers RESPECT your self first an foremost and then learn to respect women publicly.
Women! Im not excluding you-RESPECT YOUR SELF....You are what you attract!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where is "The HOME GIRL"?

Where is the "Home Girl"?
Is the "HOME GIRL" the new dinosaur?
For years the Home Girl was someone you can find any and everywhere inside school or just around the way. As adult hood arrived for me and being in a very loooooooooong committed relationship, the "Home Girl" became a thing of the past. I use to love checking up on my "home girls" or calling up my home girls to catch up on news and current events going on in places i knew i shouldnt have my nose-but the home girl was always there and never late!
I missed being known for having mad home girls...people use to say damn, son got mad homegirls! lol-really i use to have mad home girls.

The definition of a home girl was someone you could trust for the most part and spend real quality time with. Someone who looked out for you and had your back for the most part. She was always there and always kept it funky with you in person and or over the phone.
I use to crack crazy jokes and do bugged out things with my homegirls and sometimes been the voice of reason for them when they needed a male's opinion on something.
I sure nuff relied on my homegirls for a lot of pep talk, such as relationship stuff, fashion choices, or even asked them to pretend to be my shorty when we went out to special places to avoid predetors or to just rock close for show at a fly event or resteraunt.

Man! I miss having madd homegirls...I have some now, but it aint the same anymore..cuz its like a taboo to just have female friends if your a male and your single, cuz then brothers gonna think your slow macking, sisters gonna think your a player, and both are gonna think your gay if your just hanging around a bunch of wowmen and your not intimate with them...geesh. And on the flip side if your in a relationship and you have homegirls brothers around you gonna hang on your coat tail waiting to strike cuz they know you wont and they just want the pass and sisters will think your messing around on them with all the extra women yu have around.grrrr

I do admit not everyone can endure having a homegirl especially when she is fabulous and single.
However if you know like i know, and love the company of a woman in your life that is not trying to get with you, and all she wants is a friendship and a great time-then you know its something special in that bond. Brothers, there is more to a woman than just "getting with them" -like the beauty is really right past that wall..and sisters, you may not be use to having men around that are straight and just want your company due to the 99% of the men you been around..but its possible. Go head and ask one of my homegirls-see what they say!...
A dedication -To all my homegirls!


Perfect for short trips-photography equipment, laptops etc..

See for those of you that can say you actually knew me as a teen-then you would know that i am a bag feen at heart. I always had the craziest most fashionable back pack and always needed to be different from the rest of the Jansport rockers..lol
Well i have had these bags for a while now-and every time i wear them people ask "dude, where did you get that bag from?" so now i will share!

Introducing the NIKE SB BAG for those that arent hip SB stands for skate Boarding
I am not in any form a boarder (shout out to all my skaters and bladers)

A series of new releases covering the accessories side of things have emerged from Nike SB. The previously seen Eugene backpack is alongside a camera case. Depending on your penchant for bright-ass clashing colors or something a little more understated, Nike SB has both sides of the spectrum covered. In what looks like a solid release from Nike SB, the Eugene pack offers a ton of technical features and pockets.

Aloha Army Waikiki Beachwalk
226 Lewers Street #L206
Honolulu, HI. 96815
Phone: 808.923.0888

I am always in search for the flyest back packs-if you see some share them with me!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


The series of photos you will see below are images i've taken personally in my hometown of BROOKLYN. These images are a direct comparison to my story and my personal state of being. I have had a longing desire to take photos and expose the world to what my eyes see. These images are a part of my lifes gallery and this place is my museum, so please look forward to more of my work.
Welcome to History!

My Wall

What you see-what you feel-what you are reminded of when we are together.

A place with no roof-no windows-space-air-cages-and all weather

Long and dangerous, bright yet gloomy, filled with choices and lots of answers.

I dont like what i see-i see what i like- the bigger picture, and the little one in it

Perfect way to explain it.

What you see is what you get-but what you get is what you know.

The sky or the temple

Tell me what is your thoughts on my work.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Places to see

I need to go to every place in this video!
Why stick around and do nothing-when you have this entire world to see!!
Get out there and LOOK!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My last project...Fruit in the Hood!

In case you didnt know
I worked on putting this fabulous Book-A-Zine project with Rodale Publishing
and Ralph Lauren this past fall. The Book-A-Zine is distributed for free throughout the Harlem,NY area (at the RL Cancer Center)
and at local restaurants and churches, schools, clubs, stores etc
A really great resource!
Here is the link to the guide!

I want to give a special shout out to my intern crew that trusted my vision and made this vision a reality! Great job ! Great Job! and to my family of Folks over at Ralph Lauren and Rodale!

Team Rev!

2009-The pre-face of the Pyramid!

The gift that keeps giving!

What i love most...
is the ability to share what i know and bounce it off others for a few reasons. 1. I love to just pay it all forward, the information can be much more helpful for someone else if it is just sitting down inside my mind. 2. i may retrieve more insight and wisdom about what i am talking about with the person listening. 3. that is what i feel i am on this planet to do-Period!

Giving the gift that keeps giving-LOVE..I am addicted to "showing love". When i am on the road in cities i have never been to or countries or
towns etc, at the very end people ask me why do i show so much love. Information that can help someone live-more or give-more of themselves to the world is LOVE to them.
It dawned on me just recently that the number one thing i find my self doing more than 95% of the time-is giving of my self to others at no cost.
Helping others succeed and getting ahead, pushing folks past their own limitations that they cast upon themselves. It feels so damn good!
Some folks may not like the fact that i choose to be this way and i feel it. But that is how it will be for a very long

I wanted to send a very special shout out to all of the folks that believe in me, that stood by my side to see me get ahead, who trusted my judgment on the choices i made that were really risky, to all the people that listened and trusted me with their voice and their lives as i to listened. I want to assure you that i am not going anywhere and i will continue to love-give-touch-inspire-enlighten-move-empower-lift-push-apply- and pay forward. Happy Holidays!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Im starting my road trip today...be on the look out

See what i've been up to in a few days....

The phukit Button is pressed!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Best things in Las Vegas!

Besides the WYNN in Las Vegas-(Which is my number 1 destination in Vegas)
The best thing to see (For Me) is the Fountain at the Belagio in the evening time.
well 1 it plays my favorite song by Andrea Bocelli-and 2. i think its absolutley gorgeous to see what the engineers put together for the people to see. Check out what i captured from my Camera below!....This was my very first time seeing this! Pardon my shot bussin!

The funniest laugh ever!

I have never met someone with a laugh like this.
My dude Ki has the most unusual-most unique method of expressing his humor.
My god! His laugh is spelled "Rreeeeeerrrrra-Rreeeeeeeeera-Rreeeeeeeera!"-lol
So i figured i just ask him why the hell does he laugh this way...hear what he has to say...

Dancing in Seattle! lol

So-I go out and experience the night life of Seattle and i bring my camera along with me for the trip. LOL.
Oh i am glad i made that choice!....The guy that took us to this club said the "ATTLE" had some of the best dancers-and so i checked them out and here i am sharing with you what i saw.
You tell me what you think about this..LMAO

Thursday, December 11, 2008



America is ranked 13 on the list!!

Where to go?

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you ask your self-
"Which way should i go next"?

We all come to that fork in the road from time to time- some of us more frequently than others.
What i realize is this-We tend to lose sight of our overall purpose or destination along route. Some of us start our journeys without really having a set destination.
I find that many people get so caught up in the motion of just being busy and moving so fast doing so much and find them selves in the same spot they started out at!
Can you relate?
I know-I know its not the best place to be in..
but what ya gonna do ay?
Your gonna create a destination for your self-that is the only way out.
Step 1:
Create the destination that you want to go to in your mind
Step 2:
Figure out all the things you need to have with you arrive
Step 3:
Think about the things you would need to get there successfull
Step 4:
Look at where you are currently located
Step 5:
Look at what is between your current location and destination
Step 6:
Figure out the best methods to get through some of the things along the way
Step 7:
Create your map
Step 8:
Make sure to have multiple ways on getting to your destination from your location
Step 9:
Look at the people, things, habits, and skills you posses and see if you need to bring them
Step 10:
The journey to a thousand miles begins with the first step!

Hey there is a very important jewel hidden in the scene below, that speaks on the point i just made. "When your not sure where you wanna go next" always remember that any road will take you there.

Be Prepared

Monday, December 8, 2008

What i want is..

Hey Family!
I was inspired by a fellow blogger to create a holiday wish list!
The holiday time for me is a special time because it puts a lot of folks
in a different space of joy and giving and preparation for the new year.
It bugs me out how so many would think that with all the giving i do-
that i would receive a whole lot from folks..
well its not true!
I receive my blessings and gifts that are priceless all year round
No one gift can replace what is given-because i am so happy people may think
what else could Divine want or even need, he has so much to give...
So i say all of this to say....
if you were thinking about giving me anything-this is what i want..
  1. Something that will help me stay organized
  2. Something that would keep me focused on what you think i should focus on
  3. Something that will essentially make me the better version of my present self
  4. Something that only you can give me
  5. Something that will not be wasted ever
  6. Something that i can give to someone else
  7. Something that make a major impact in my lifes work
  8. Some thing that will make living so much effective
  9. Something that reminds you of me
  10. Something that can not be returned
There you have it!
My holiday wish list!

PS.check out www.storyofstuff.com


Pay it Forward


This weekends Fashion Show At City College was a BLAST!
If you missed it, then here are some photos and a video below to show you what went down! For more information about The Divine Bradley Collection Visit Periodically Thesocialmogul.com and view Products...
Shout out to all the models that participated in making this show a historical moment...Yall were a apart of the very first!
LOVE YA'LL....Big Shout out to YUME! If it were not for them this event wouldn't have been possible for us-We wouldn't have met the special LADIES of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated! (I told yall im the new line brother-hehe inside joke)
And i also want to give a special Shout out to my team that help to make this all possible from the DB side of things- BLESS-ERKL-KAYLER-JOEY-and my special women AKIRA-LECROWN!! WE DID it!
Lastly-the ROSE & the 3rd Productions-shout out to the solo violinist..


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10 years ago i was...

Socially permitted
Classically trained

Traditionally accepted

Shout out to all of those that knew-and knew better...the 90's was the foundation baby!
And i didnt even mention anything LO......lol

Introducing the Sweatshirt!


Introducing the HOOD

The Divine Bradley Collection

Introducing the Super Hero Hoody

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Introducing the TURTLE NECK

The 100% Cotton Fine Ribbed Turtle Neck From the
Divine Bradley Collection


Divine Bradley & Katie Visco
at Boston Fundraising Presentation!
Greetings AMERICA

In short i wanted to introduce to you a beautiful and historical project that you may want to check out and even be a part of in the near future..
My new Social Marketing Company BE IT LLC is organizing the 2009 PAVE YOUR LANE Tour

  • A transamerica run led by the youngest woman to run from Boston, MA-Los Angelas, CA
  • A 50-60 city tour stopping into schools along the way to inspire students to Pave their lane
  • Distribution of hundreds of grants to young people who want to make a difference!
  • 5K races set in selected cities that in the spirit of PAVE YOUR LANE and servicing others
  • A youth movement that will inspire people to use what they love to inspire others to do the same for others
Okay so, there will be much more blogs about this -so be sure to check the blog often for updates
what you can do now if you are interested in supporting this project..
  • If you are interested in hosting presentations and fundraising parties for this tour or run
  • If you or an organization you know would like to support in anyway to push bullet 1
  • Or if you are interested on working on the project and you want to join the teams...
Let me know.....

The Tour is scheduled to kick off MARCH 2009!

Lets make history.....Just like that..like Forrest gump meets Rocky Balboa meets US!

Good Bye 2008


Don't i know you from somewhere?

If you are who i think you are-then you are in the right place-and truly at the best time!
I am not the best person at talking about the things i do or am about to do-but it just sounds great coming from me-lol The 2009 train is boarding!!!! And i am looking forward to the big ol party.. 2008 was pretty on Point and filled with a lot of accomplishments and monumental chapters.... If you missed it, then i will take the time to fill you in!
Be sure to check out my Web site Thesocialmogul.com for information dealing with the work i do as it relates to my speaking-special events-products-news and blogs associated with all that cool stuff. It is the domain for Divine Bradley-The Social Mogul. This blog is mainly for Divine Bradley the transparent human being that loves to share his light and love with those close to me and my lifestyle..
ok ok-so 2008....in a nutt shell
  • Spoke to hundreds of high school students across the united states while speaking on tour Sponsored by Youth Venture and Starbucks
  • Traveled across the united states again with Sean Penn on the Dirty Hands Caravan Tour where me and a crew made random stops in cities along the way to service communities in need of volunteer power-and we got our hands dirty for the love of humanity!
  • Launched the Divine Bradley Collection Brand to welcome the world into my experience as a social entrepreneur with my new lifestyle brand-20 Boutiques by JANUARY 1!
  • My Face and story graced hundreds of millions of Nacho Cheese Doritos bags WORLD WIDE letting more folks into my world of being a social Mogul (Get your Bag)
  • Established my new Marketing company BE IT LLC
  • Created a healthy eating Book-A-Zine Project with RODALE and POLO RALPH LAUREN for the Harlem community with my group of wonderful Interns! This Project was so fly-That President OBAMA grace us with his presence to be on the cover!
  • and much much more.. but i will stop here on 08

so NOW..
The good stuff.....
2009 aka 2000 shine aka 2000 grind aka 2000 mine aka 2000 Divine!!!!!!!!!!!

i will only share 3 out of the 9 things that will make 2009 a hit!

  1. BE IT LLC presents the PAVE YOUR LANE TOUR!!!!!
  • We are running across the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ON FOOT-well the youngest woman to ever do it is! Our PAVE your LANE tour will blaze thru cities between Boston and LA-and inspire young people to start paving their lanes and making a difference their lives and communities and We will give them small grants to do so!! Much Much more-if you are interested in any way....let me know
2. Team Revolution building community centers Nationwide
  • Searching for folks nation wide who want to to create Team Rev Powerhouses in their communities the way i did when i converted my home into a community center for youth...We are looking for go hard grinders that are willing to join the family and be a part of history!
3. Divine Bradley will introduce to this world "The Social Mogul"
  • Join me on the quest of making a living giving!

Enjoy the Blogs...