Friday, November 28, 2008


(Sing this in falsetto, sorta like the DREAM)

I am looking for my pillow-o-o I place to lay my head-o-o A space to ease my mind-o-o can you help a brother fiiiiiiiiiiiiinddd.... I am looking for my pillow... so soft and filled with love-o-o a magnet for a hug-o-o I am looking for my pillow...

Stress is one of the leading KILLERS and there are so many things that can aid in the KILL to come knocking at your doors. We try so much to relieve stress and do so much in the process to gain more of it..My suggestion...INVEST into a really fly PILLOW. It makes hella difference in your life- the night is the nurse-the bed is the source..When i am traveling around going from hotel to hotel-the number one thing to look forward to is my pillow! I kid you not- i am stress free the following morning when i wake up...just looking at this relieves stresss..

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