Sunday, November 23, 2008


So long blessed child, your just gone for a short while/
missing all the hair doo's, and of course the big smile/
you must have on the most stylish wings,soaring so high/
I woke up this morning with a voice saying "CRY"/
My reply was like "Why?" my girl V didnt Die/
She just got dressed so fly to go party in the sky/
VIP soon you will see me, see all that you love,all the family/
All of us coming to the same party, look out for a brother like me/
We didnt have much, didnt go hard on ya dreams/
Didnt have so much time, didnt have the space on my team/
looking back no regrets, no sweat, no drama/
in your memory i will make space for others, thats word 2 u lil mama/
nubian queen, old soul, all the things i would say/
Im stop here and save the rest of my words for you when i see you today.

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