Saturday, November 22, 2008

Introducing the PHUKIT Button

Time for something new-a new space-a new day to claim and call mine.
A day that would last forever for days to come- a day like today. Pressure is a beautiful thing and making mistakes are even more glamorous in my life-see i enjoy jumping through the flaming hoops and living on the edge just to see who i am in relation to these excitements. In that space i learn a lot about who i am in more detail. I realize that i am growing and growth is always a great sign-it shows that something is working-like watering a pot with a seed that never pops out of the dirt is heart breaking, so i gotta love the growth process.
Another way i see it, is like working out in the gym and the following day waking up achy and in pain-well that process is also growth and its giving the body the time it needs to do to prepare itself for another work out-Pain is just weakness leaving the body....I LOVE IT.

Where is this coming from you may ask? well that my friends will come in a blog a head-stay tuned...but one thing i would leave you with is the one thing that keeps my new moves ACTIVATED...Ladies and Gentlemen-i introduce to you my very own- PHUKIT button (Fuck it!)

When this button is pressed all things are possible!
Really, it has magical powers that allow you to move things out of your life and bring things into it as well!
Ahh man-you can get yours to-i have a a lot available to those in need....let me know!

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