Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feet Work

Hey so a little humor for the day...I was home one day and i decided to make a lil video of me being silly dancing for my daughter. I love to hear her laugh hard till she is gasping for air when i am being silly. Plus i think we all enjoy being in character of our child hood spaces...

i remember growing up standing in front of mirrors every time i got a new pair of sneakers and doing what i called "Feet work". My older cousins would say any time you get a fresh pair of kicks you gotta break'em in so you can make your shoes feel comfortable....So i would dance in them for about 10-15 minutes to like a james brown track or BBD song (preferably "POISON" )

SO finally-when i showed my video to her she was on the floor laughing! and always ask me to play it again-then i watch her mock me (so cute) and now ive shared it with other people and they hardly ever see this side of me-they lol all the time-so now i will share it with you!
Be on the look out for the directors cut BLOG

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