Friday, November 28, 2008


The time has come-the clock struck NOW
The crowed left wowed, with the thought of HOW..
How did he do it, and why did it happen..
Where did it go, and when did the passion...
vanish out of thin air, the flame is none
grim reaper visited, now everythings done
the west has won-thats the left of my chest
breath of my breath,exhaled with a YESSS!
Back for the first time ever in my life
Thank you for this moment-ive paid my price
ive given my all-my all was me
ive given my life, who could beat that fee
im free like the sky, so high im gone
strong like the syrup form of KING KONG
Forever in a day, thats how everyday gonna be
I found a better person...
that person is me..

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