Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FIRE!!!!! 911

So yesterday i felt pretty darn good!

I was on my way to see the dermatologist for an appointment i scheduled for this bite mark i had on my thigh from some random woman in a las Vegas night club sometime in august and it looked fresh and new 2 months later and i needed to check that out... TMI! lol
That blog will come pretty soon...

So on my way over to my car i noticed there was a town car that seemed to look a bit weird-the windows looked smoked-and so i started inspect this car as i walked closer and i could have sworn i seen smoke coming from the seems of the car..

A woman and her toddler was walking up the street and in my mind im thinking if this car is on fire this lady and baby and ME for that matter shouldn't be near it-However i wasn't to sure if it was smoke coming out from where i was standing.
So out of uncertainty standing across the street i asked the woman if it looked like the car across was smoking-she said it didnt look like it-but i was determined to find out..i told her it was and to lift up that child and booogie...

all i kept thinking was if this car is on fire-it can blow up-and if it blows up it can cause a domino effect on the cars parked tighly in front and behind it-INCLUDING MY OWN CAR!-and the house it was parked in front of.

So i three on my invisible cape and walked over to the car and the closer i got the scent of fire was in the air-and smoke was slow leaking out of the window seems....I have been seeing the numbers 911-9-11 a lot for the past couple of months and i usually see it ever day..(Thats another blog) so i dialed 911!

I told the dispatcher what i was witnessing and she asked me what my call back number was-and i gave her the wrong number (why you may ask your self?)..the fire trucks came so fast i directed them from down the block with a jumping wave and pointing gesture that they came flying down the block-people started to gather-and i dipped on back in the crowd..Mind you when i saw the car it was only me and a woman on the entire block-it seems when police ambulance and fire trucks arrive someplace people fall from the sky on the set with their eyes wide and telescopic necks with arms folded behind their backs asking questions to one another..

In short the fire fighters bravely walked up on the car-opened it up popped the hood and all that-and began watering away....a few of them started to ask in the crowd- who witnessed this anyone knew who made the call???

At that very moment i was already walking to my car like a dope scene in a movie -only thing i was missing was a flipped coin, or a collar to pop on my trench coat-i walked away with pride and knowing i prevented something bad from happening. the best part was knowing i was the unseen hero.

Feeling that i did something and only i knew i did it and having that moment with myself until now when i share it with you my friend.
Reason being is i want you to go out and practice being an unseen hero today..
trust me its a great feeling!

LOVE 911

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LadyDee - Brownlady Beautiful! said...

So i just had to come and read the 9-1-1- blog you made reference to ...GOOD STUFF!