Friday, November 28, 2008


The time has come-the clock struck NOW
The crowed left wowed, with the thought of HOW..
How did he do it, and why did it happen..
Where did it go, and when did the passion...
vanish out of thin air, the flame is none
grim reaper visited, now everythings done
the west has won-thats the left of my chest
breath of my breath,exhaled with a YESSS!
Back for the first time ever in my life
Thank you for this moment-ive paid my price
ive given my all-my all was me
ive given my life, who could beat that fee
im free like the sky, so high im gone
strong like the syrup form of KING KONG
Forever in a day, thats how everyday gonna be
I found a better person...
that person is me..


(Sing this in falsetto, sorta like the DREAM)

I am looking for my pillow-o-o I place to lay my head-o-o A space to ease my mind-o-o can you help a brother fiiiiiiiiiiiiinddd.... I am looking for my pillow... so soft and filled with love-o-o a magnet for a hug-o-o I am looking for my pillow...

Stress is one of the leading KILLERS and there are so many things that can aid in the KILL to come knocking at your doors. We try so much to relieve stress and do so much in the process to gain more of it..My suggestion...INVEST into a really fly PILLOW. It makes hella difference in your life- the night is the nurse-the bed is the source..When i am traveling around going from hotel to hotel-the number one thing to look forward to is my pillow! I kid you not- i am stress free the following morning when i wake up...just looking at this relieves stresss..

Thursday, November 27, 2008


it happens to the best of us-success breeds envy,
Jealousy and resentment-grudges blossom like new flowers in may,
hate penetrates the skin of a relationship like a zit on your big day.
Say Cheese!
Say word?
Out of all people in the world-as this programmatic thought has been interrupted by historical stories of those that came before us.Betrayed by loved ones-close ones-together forever ones....
Did i see it coming?
The train is never late-always on time...
The illest part is how it all unfolds-how it all plays out-the best part is the very first time it peeks out into the world and establishes itself.
how cute
Gotta love it
Gotta freekin love it
Thats all you can do-whats the sense in joining that deadly dance?
Keep your love dripping into the bucket of hate water..
over time that bucket will runneth over and in due time the bucket will be filled with just your love..
Feeling Uncomfortable due to someone else being Comfortable is a vicious concept and space to be in.
i feel for those types of folks that cant stand the sun-due to the fact it shines so bright...SHOULD I DIM my light?
Or deal with those that continuously seek shade
Shade to keep them cool

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Zone out!

If your day has been filled with a lot of energy withdrawals and you need to re-up and replenish-let me bring you into my zone-and zone out with me...
enjoy this very exact play list that i am rocking out to as i work on some creative projects..relax your mind let your conscious be free!


Ok so im a sucker for brain teasers and fun games that would keep my mind sharp and busy-so in the spirit of that-i got me a RUBIX cube...

so this fine invention has taken up a lot of time in my life as i try to figure it all getting a single side or two is a bit fun and feels fullfilling-however there is an entire cube to do! and so for the past weeks im like -what the heck! is there like a certain way to do this stuff-and so instead of me asking someone else-i decide to go online and see if i can find videos or articles on this process-and on my search..i find this


WHAT?? i have seen it all!!!!

i am speechless...

Last time..

Rest in Peace

Im hosting a Fashion Show!

See you on December 6th 2008!
A night you do not want to miss-a special place to celebrate the Divine Bradley Collection and other Designers.
Much Love to my AKA queens!


Looking out at the sea of my experiences-I am in complete amazement to have witnessed lifes lessons being dripped one drop at a time to form this ocean i call "the body of work"..Standing firm in my position with pride and aptitude-staring down at another opportunity to dive back in this ever flowing body of water-to back stroke through the rough currents that come with every new monumental chapter. Before i jump i stand alone at the highest peak of my attitudes altitude-and repeat to my self "the best way to discover my self, is to lose myself in my own self discovery" i gain the sufficient amount of strength to take on life the way it has never been taken on.
I love my life!
I will love this life more than life would love me!
I love every single mistake-every single obstacle and accept every fault!
I give thanks!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

TR on the Maury Show

yea right- you would never ever catch me on a foul note like that....

Team Revolution on Maury from divine on Vimeo.


So long blessed child, your just gone for a short while/
missing all the hair doo's, and of course the big smile/
you must have on the most stylish wings,soaring so high/
I woke up this morning with a voice saying "CRY"/
My reply was like "Why?" my girl V didnt Die/
She just got dressed so fly to go party in the sky/
VIP soon you will see me, see all that you love,all the family/
All of us coming to the same party, look out for a brother like me/
We didnt have much, didnt go hard on ya dreams/
Didnt have so much time, didnt have the space on my team/
looking back no regrets, no sweat, no drama/
in your memory i will make space for others, thats word 2 u lil mama/
nubian queen, old soul, all the things i would say/
Im stop here and save the rest of my words for you when i see you today.

Who is Divine Bradley-Snippets

divine reel snippet from divine on Vimeo.

The Royal Ball 007-unseen footage

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Divine and Lil mama love the KIds!



Whats your thoughts on this video?

Introducing the PHUKIT Button

Time for something new-a new space-a new day to claim and call mine.
A day that would last forever for days to come- a day like today. Pressure is a beautiful thing and making mistakes are even more glamorous in my life-see i enjoy jumping through the flaming hoops and living on the edge just to see who i am in relation to these excitements. In that space i learn a lot about who i am in more detail. I realize that i am growing and growth is always a great sign-it shows that something is working-like watering a pot with a seed that never pops out of the dirt is heart breaking, so i gotta love the growth process.
Another way i see it, is like working out in the gym and the following day waking up achy and in pain-well that process is also growth and its giving the body the time it needs to do to prepare itself for another work out-Pain is just weakness leaving the body....I LOVE IT.

Where is this coming from you may ask? well that my friends will come in a blog a head-stay tuned...but one thing i would leave you with is the one thing that keeps my new moves ACTIVATED...Ladies and Gentlemen-i introduce to you my very own- PHUKIT button (Fuck it!)

When this button is pressed all things are possible!
Really, it has magical powers that allow you to move things out of your life and bring things into it as well!
Ahh man-you can get yours to-i have a a lot available to those in need....let me know!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The best Car on the streets

I want you to know why i chose my ride.....

The Jafakin -Franko Franklin

So please watch this live instructional video o n how to make sure your buddies, buddies are on point with your buddy!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


There seems to be a trend going around that has taken over the style of many men throughout this country, and even abroad.
Sagging your pants allllllllllll the way down to the bottom of your ass!!!!!

I mean to each is own right-so thats why i am offering my own opinion on the matter-if this is what you do-then keep doing your thing and you better not wear ya boxers backwards..The sagging is one invitation-the boxer twist will really get you into hot water!
lol (joke)
I think this style is so corny and its not original at all-it hurts me to see so many people do this like they dont mind looking like the next man...its bugged out-and its like the most accepted thing where it is cool to where your tight ass pants with a thick flashy belt around your thighs-looking like Yosemite Sam!

This joint is burnt out!
Totally cooked dudes...

Latin Dancing in Germany!

This is my German Lambada feet work!
Look at the sister trying to keep up..
Latin dancing is so much fun....
I want to get my learn on-and dance some more- teach me some lessons!!!!
Shout out to LIVE!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can we just be Friends?

I enjoyed writing this song-Lia has a buttery voice and it went so well with the contrast of the song and rhythm<<<<
Your thoughts...should i complete it?

Good Bye Afro!!!

The moment finally came moments before the clock struck 12 new years eve 2006.
The day came where the unthinkable took place and history was shed from my scalp.
A new person to look at each day-a being to be in the 07!
This video is historic
Shout outs to Zaki the Barber!

The Feet work Directors Cut

Directors Cut

Feet Work

Hey so a little humor for the day...I was home one day and i decided to make a lil video of me being silly dancing for my daughter. I love to hear her laugh hard till she is gasping for air when i am being silly. Plus i think we all enjoy being in character of our child hood spaces...

i remember growing up standing in front of mirrors every time i got a new pair of sneakers and doing what i called "Feet work". My older cousins would say any time you get a fresh pair of kicks you gotta break'em in so you can make your shoes feel comfortable....So i would dance in them for about 10-15 minutes to like a james brown track or BBD song (preferably "POISON" )

SO finally-when i showed my video to her she was on the floor laughing! and always ask me to play it again-then i watch her mock me (so cute) and now ive shared it with other people and they hardly ever see this side of me-they lol all the time-so now i will share it with you!
Be on the look out for the directors cut BLOG

FIRE!!!!! 911

So yesterday i felt pretty darn good!

I was on my way to see the dermatologist for an appointment i scheduled for this bite mark i had on my thigh from some random woman in a las Vegas night club sometime in august and it looked fresh and new 2 months later and i needed to check that out... TMI! lol
That blog will come pretty soon...

So on my way over to my car i noticed there was a town car that seemed to look a bit weird-the windows looked smoked-and so i started inspect this car as i walked closer and i could have sworn i seen smoke coming from the seems of the car..

A woman and her toddler was walking up the street and in my mind im thinking if this car is on fire this lady and baby and ME for that matter shouldn't be near it-However i wasn't to sure if it was smoke coming out from where i was standing.
So out of uncertainty standing across the street i asked the woman if it looked like the car across was smoking-she said it didnt look like it-but i was determined to find out..i told her it was and to lift up that child and booogie...

all i kept thinking was if this car is on fire-it can blow up-and if it blows up it can cause a domino effect on the cars parked tighly in front and behind it-INCLUDING MY OWN CAR!-and the house it was parked in front of.

So i three on my invisible cape and walked over to the car and the closer i got the scent of fire was in the air-and smoke was slow leaking out of the window seems....I have been seeing the numbers 911-9-11 a lot for the past couple of months and i usually see it ever day..(Thats another blog) so i dialed 911!

I told the dispatcher what i was witnessing and she asked me what my call back number was-and i gave her the wrong number (why you may ask your self?)..the fire trucks came so fast i directed them from down the block with a jumping wave and pointing gesture that they came flying down the block-people started to gather-and i dipped on back in the crowd..Mind you when i saw the car it was only me and a woman on the entire block-it seems when police ambulance and fire trucks arrive someplace people fall from the sky on the set with their eyes wide and telescopic necks with arms folded behind their backs asking questions to one another..

In short the fire fighters bravely walked up on the car-opened it up popped the hood and all that-and began watering away....a few of them started to ask in the crowd- who witnessed this anyone knew who made the call???

At that very moment i was already walking to my car like a dope scene in a movie -only thing i was missing was a flipped coin, or a collar to pop on my trench coat-i walked away with pride and knowing i prevented something bad from happening. the best part was knowing i was the unseen hero.

Feeling that i did something and only i knew i did it and having that moment with myself until now when i share it with you my friend.
Reason being is i want you to go out and practice being an unseen hero today..
trust me its a great feeling!

LOVE 911

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zeit geist Movie Series

your thoughts

The Social Mogul

Testing 1-2

Testing 1-2-3

Is this thing working!
If you got this far then-it is!

Welcome to my blog! A place that allows me to keep my highlighted thoughts in one place. It is an added piece to my already existing website
which will be relaunched in just a few weeks.

Please subscribe and get ready to ride!
I will share with you a lot of things that touch move and inspire me-and sharing it with you-will allow me to pay it all forward!

I promise their will be a lot of typos and grammatical errors! I Promise-but this isn't a space for me to edit-its the space to give it to you raw-the same way i got it! So embrace me being perfect in my imperfections!

love you a lot!